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Amazon search results of the "KINDLE" of the "Devil Survivor 2"
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quarter in 20111Q, 20112Q, 20113Q, 20114Q, 2011
quarter in 20121Q, 20122Q, 20123Q, 20124Q, 2012
quarter in 20131Q, 20132Q, 20133Q, 20134Q, 2013
quarter in 20141Q, 20142Q, 20143Q, 20144Q, 2014
quarter in 20151Q, 20152Q, 20153Q, 20154Q, 2015
quarter in 20161Q, 20162Q, 20163Q, 20164Q, 2016
quarter in 20171Q, 20172Q, 20173Q, 20174Q, 2017
quarter in 20181Q, 20182Q, 20183Q, 2018
JA :AAAA|Around 140|Story|2ch|Anime|ASCIIart|Chaos|Yaruo|Pedobear
EN :AAAA|Around 140|Story|2ch|Anime|ASCIIart|Chaos|Yaruo|Pedobear
NoApril, 2011May, 2011June, 2011
1Everybody ShimamurakunEverybody Shimamurakun
PV:26 IP:21 RP:4 RR:19%
PV:99 IP:21 RP:12 RR:57%
PV:17 IP:14 RP:3 RR:21%
Happy BirthdayHappy Birthday
PV:61 IP:31 RP:15 RR:48%
3Kyubey Deliberation (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)Kyubey Deliberation (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)
PV:16 IP:15 RP:1 RR:7%
Turn up Sky High (Tiger & Bunny)Turn up Sky High (Tiger & Bunny)
PV:44 IP:34 RP:9 RR:26%
4Kitaaa ⊂|      つ( ゚∀゚)つKitaaa ⊂|      つ( ゚∀゚)つ
PV:13 IP:11 RP:2 RR:18%
Megassa ToastMegassa Toast
PV:43 IP:36 RP:5 RR:14%
5MagicTape PurseMagicTape Purse
PV:10 IP:9 RP:1 RR:11%
May your soul rest in peace PCMay your soul rest in peace PC
PV:39 IP:35 RP:4 RR:11%
6Daddy cool Mah-jonggDaddy cool Mah-jongg
PV:9 IP:8 RP:1 RR:13%
Sky High Absurd (Tiger & Bunny)Sky High Absurd (Tiger & Bunny)
PV:39 IP:34 RP:5 RR:15%
7Pedobear CommentatePedobear Commentate
PV:9 IP:4 RP:2 RR:50%
PV:39 IP:32 RP:5 RR:16%
PV:8 IP:8 RP:0 RR:0%
Syoboon TeaSyoboon Tea
PV:37 IP:33 RP:4 RR:12%
9Tetris KitaaaTetris Kitaaa
PV:8 IP:8 RP:0 RR:0%
Summer Festival FireworkSummer Festival Firework
PV:37 IP:31 RP:5 RR:16%
PV:7 IP:4 RP:2 RR:50%
Rock Bison Absurd (Tiger & Bunny)Rock Bison Absurd (Tiger & Bunny)
PV:36 IP:30 RP:4 RR:13%
11lit. Squid Girl PC (Ika Musume)lit. Squid Girl PC (Ika Musume)
PV:6 IP:6 RP:0 RR:0%
Insecticidal sprayInsecticidal spray
PV:35 IP:11 RP:4 RR:36%
12Snipe catSnipe cat
PV:6 IP:5 RP:1 RR:20%
Message board joinMessage board join
PV:34 IP:18 RP:11 RR:61%
13Shimamurakun and DogShimamurakun and Dog
PV:5 IP:5 RP:0 RR:0%
Everybody PeekEverybody Peek
PV:33 IP:31 RP:2 RR:6%
14Brothers PCBrothers PC
PV:5 IP:5 RP:0 RR:0%
Now Onigiring. ..Now Onigiring. ..
PV:32 IP:26 RP:6 RR:23%
15Happy BirthdayHappy Birthday
PV:5 IP:4 RP:1 RR:25%
Elephant Stuffed-animal suitElephant Stuffed-animal suit
PV:32 IP:22 RP:6 RR:27%
16Kyubey (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)Kyubey (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)
PV:5 IP:4 RP:1 RR:25%
Everybody Origami Cyclone (Tiger & Bunny)Everybody Origami Cyclone (Tiger & Bunny)
PV:30 IP:26 RP:4 RR:15%
17Everybody Doraemon and Nobi NobitaEverybody Doraemon and Nobi Nobita
PV:5 IP:2 RP:1 RR:50%
Point syoboonPoint syoboon
PV:29 IP:23 RP:3 RR:13%
PV:4 IP:4 RP:0 RR:0%
Suzumiya Haruhi (The-Melancholy-of-Haruhi-Suzumiya)Suzumiya Haruhi (The-Melancholy-of-Haruhi-Suzumiya)
PV:29 IP:3 RP:2 RR:67%
19Syoboon muscleSyoboon muscle
PV:4 IP:2 RP:1 RR:50%
Fluffy NidaFluffy Nida
PV:25 IP:22 RP:3 RR:14%
20Yui salute(Angel Beats!)Yui salute(Angel Beats!)
PV:3 IP:3 RP:0 RR:0%
MagicTape PurseMagicTape Purse
PV:25 IP:22 RP:3 RR:14%
PV:3 IP:3 RP:0 RR:0%
Everybody TeaEverybody Tea
PV:25 IP:21 RP:4 RR:19%
PV:3 IP:3 RP:0 RR:0%
( ,_ノ` )( ,_ノ` )
PV:25 IP:19 RP:5 RR:26%
23Meshiuma HorseMeshiuma Horse
PV:3 IP:3 RP:0 RR:0%
Kyubey Kitaaa (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)Kyubey Kitaaa (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)
PV:24 IP:21 RP:3 RR:14%
24MagicTape Ski JumpMagicTape Ski Jump
PV:3 IP:2 RP:1 RR:50%
The saviour of steel : to chaotic BBS.The saviour of steel : to chaotic BBS.
PV:24 IP:11 RP:6 RR:55%
25Rock Bison (Tiger & Bunny)Rock Bison (Tiger & Bunny)
PV:3 IP:2 RP:1 RR:50%
PV:23 IP:17 RP:2 RR:12%
26A Happy New Year IyahooA Happy New Year Iyahoo
PV:3 IP:2 RP:1 RR:50%
Gikobus transformGikobus transform
PV:23 IP:2 RP:1 RR:50%
27Shrine dogShrine dog
PV:3 IP:2 RP:1 RR:50%
Birthday Congratulations FlowerBirthday Congratulations Flower
PV:22 IP:20 RP:2 RR:10%
28Senjogahara Hitagi (Bakemonogatari)Senjogahara Hitagi (Bakemonogatari)
PV:3 IP:2 RP:1 RR:50%
Mowing Otu (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)Mowing Otu (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)
PV:21 IP:17 RP:4 RR:24%
29Let's do very ・・・ It seems to cry. (Text)Let's do very ・・・ It seems to cry. (Text)
PV:3 IP:2 RP:1 RR:50%
Pedobear CommentatePedobear Commentate
PV:21 IP:13 RP:4 RR:31%
30Gikobus transformGikobus transform
PV:3 IP:1 RP:1 RR:100%
lit. Squid Girl PC (Ika Musume)lit. Squid Girl PC (Ika Musume)
PV:20 IP:18 RP:2 RR:11%
31Yaruo pugyaaYaruo pugyaa
PV:3 IP:1 RP:1 RR:100%
Vega FestivalVega Festival
PV:20 IP:17 RP:2 RR:12%
32Suzumiya Haruhi (The-Melancholy-of-Haruhi-Suzumiya)Suzumiya Haruhi (The-Melancholy-of-Haruhi-Suzumiya)
PV:3 IP:1 RP:1 RR:100%
PV:20 IP:16 RP:3 RR:19%
33Memorial papicoMemorial papico
PV:2 IP:2 RP:0 RR:0%
Cardboard box in the shiiCardboard box in the shii
PV:20 IP:13 RP:5 RR:38%
PV:2 IP:2 RP:0 RR:0%
Bell ringing out the old yearBell ringing out the old year
PV:20 IP:5 RP:1 RR:20%
PV:2 IP:2 RP:0 RR:0%
I pray your soul rest in peaceI pray your soul rest in peace
PV:19 IP:16 RP:2 RR:13%
36Shii and GikoShii and Giko
PV:2 IP:2 RP:0 RR:0%
PV:19 IP:14 RP:3 RR:21%
37Tonton bigTonton big
PV:2 IP:2 RP:0 RR:0%
PV:19 IP:4 RP:1 RR:25%
PV:2 IP:2 RP:0 RR:0%
A Happy New Year IyahooA Happy New Year Iyahoo
PV:19 IP:3 RP:2 RR:67%
39Ika Musume and SnailIka Musume and Snail
PV:2 IP:2 RP:0 RR:0%
Mysterious dandelionMysterious dandelion
PV:19 IP:3 RP:1 RR:33%
PV:2 IP:2 RP:0 RR:0%
PV:18 IP:17 RP:1 RR:6%
41Daddy cool No Thank You !Daddy cool No Thank You !
PV:2 IP:2 RP:0 RR:0%
Kitaaa ⊂|      つ( ゚∀゚)つKitaaa ⊂|      つ( ゚∀゚)つ
PV:18 IP:14 RP:3 RR:21%
42Aramaki photo sessionAramaki photo session
PV:2 IP:1 RP:1 RR:100%
Hatsune Miku KitaaaHatsune Miku Kitaaa
PV:18 IP:11 RP:4 RR:36%
43Fluffy iyouFluffy iyou
PV:2 IP:1 RP:1 RR:100%
Kyubey (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)Kyubey (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)
PV:18 IP:7 RP:2 RR:29%
44MagicTape Ski Jump It's noMagicTape Ski Jump It's no
PV:2 IP:1 RP:1 RR:100%
Nesyakakun sleepNesyakakun sleep
PV:17 IP:2 RP:1 RR:50%
45It's no LetterIt's no Letter
PV:2 IP:1 RP:1 RR:100%
Glance into AkeomeGlance into Akeome
PV:17 IP:2 RP:1 RR:50%
46Relax (RakiSta)Relax (RakiSta)
PV:2 IP:1 RP:1 RR:100%
Strip of paperStrip of paper
PV:17 IP:2 RP:1 RR:50%
47[Deliberation]MagicTape Purse[Deliberation]MagicTape Purse
PV:2 IP:1 RP:1 RR:100%
Kyubey Deliberation (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)Kyubey Deliberation (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)
PV:16 IP:15 RP:1 RR:7%
48Cardboard box in the shiiCardboard box in the shii
PV:2 IP:1 RP:1 RR:100%
The joke again Cat (large,medium,small,tiny)The joke again Cat (large,medium,small,tiny)
PV:16 IP:11 RP:4 RR:36%
49Yubari melon bear 1/5Yubari melon bear 1/5
PV:2 IP:1 RP:1 RR:100%
MagicTape Ski Jump It's noMagicTape Ski Jump It's no
PV:16 IP:3 RP:2 RR:67%
50Arashiyama Hotori Doesnotmatter (Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru)Arashiyama Hotori Doesnotmatter (Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru)
PV:2 IP:1 RP:1 RR:100%
PV:15 IP:13 RP:1 RR:8%

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