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quarter in 20111Q, 20112Q, 20113Q, 20114Q, 2011
quarter in 20121Q, 20122Q, 20123Q, 20124Q, 2012
quarter in 20131Q, 20132Q, 20133Q, 20134Q, 2013
quarter in 20141Q, 20142Q, 20143Q, 20144Q, 2014
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JA :AAAA|Around 140|Story|2ch|Anime|ASCIIart|Chaos|Yaruo|Pedobear
EN :AAAA|Around 140|Story|2ch|Anime|ASCIIart|Chaos|Yaruo|Pedobear
NoJuly, 2011August, 2011September, 2011
1Happy BirthdayHappy Birthday
PV:116 IP:69 RP:35 RR:51%
PV:104 IP:28 RP:13 RR:46%
PV:99 IP:19 RP:8 RR:42%
PV:107 IP:35 RP:10 RR:29%
Happy BirthdayHappy Birthday
PV:80 IP:50 RP:24 RR:48%
Happy BirthdayHappy Birthday
PV:77 IP:53 RP:22 RR:42%
3Relax (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)Relax (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)
PV:60 IP:53 RP:4 RR:8%
Sazaesan HouseSazaesan House
PV:47 IP:38 RP:6 RR:16%
Curry riceCurry rice
PV:67 IP:53 RP:8 RR:15%
4Insecticidal sprayInsecticidal spray
PV:53 IP:13 RP:6 RR:46%
Kangaroo and GorillaKangaroo and Gorilla
PV:42 IP:37 RP:4 RR:11%
PV:64 IP:53 RP:10 RR:19%
5Daddy cool "That'll be the day"Daddy cool "That'll be the day"
PV:49 IP:42 RP:6 RR:14%
Beer Stuffed-animal suitBeer Stuffed-animal suit
PV:41 IP:32 RP:6 RR:19%
PV:61 IP:52 RP:6 RR:12%
6What do you say?What do you say?
PV:45 IP:42 RP:3 RR:7%
Thunder and CloudThunder and Cloud
PV:41 IP:30 RP:6 RR:20%
Syoboon DanceSyoboon Dance
PV:61 IP:40 RP:11 RR:28%
7Relax (The Idolmaster)Relax (The Idolmaster)
PV:45 IP:36 RP:8 RR:22%
PV:40 IP:34 RP:5 RR:15%
Otu (Tiger & Bunny)Otu (Tiger & Bunny)
PV:60 IP:46 RP:9 RR:20%
8Everybody FuneralEverybody Funeral
PV:44 IP:37 RP:6 RR:16%
PV:40 IP:32 RP:2 RR:6%
PV:57 IP:45 RP:7 RR:16%
9Tea rangerTea ranger
PV:42 IP:31 RP:7 RR:23%
Hokkaido ahyaHokkaido ahya
PV:38 IP:32 RP:5 RR:16%
PV:56 IP:46 RP:5 RR:11%
10This person says whatThis person says what
PV:38 IP:31 RP:7 RR:23%
Everybody bonEverybody bon
PV:36 IP:31 RP:4 RR:13%
Deliberation SyoboonDeliberation Syoboon
PV:54 IP:42 RP:6 RR:14%
11MagicTape CarMagicTape Car
PV:36 IP:30 RP:5 RR:17%
Giko SlidingGiko Sliding
PV:36 IP:31 RP:4 RR:13%
Hatsune Miku KitaaaHatsune Miku Kitaaa
PV:54 IP:28 RP:7 RR:25%
12Gikobus transformGikobus transform
PV:36 IP:9 RP:4 RR:44%
PV:35 IP:31 RP:4 RR:13%
Deliberation Aramaki ScaltinofDeliberation Aramaki Scaltinof
PV:52 IP:42 RP:7 RR:17%
13TSUBAKUROU Text (Tokyo Yakult Swallows)TSUBAKUROU Text (Tokyo Yakult Swallows)
PV:35 IP:30 RP:5 RR:17%
PV:35 IP:31 RP:4 RR:13%
PV:52 IP:39 RP:9 RR:23%
14This person says whatThis person says what
PV:34 IP:31 RP:3 RR:10%
PV:35 IP:31 RP:4 RR:13%
Aramaki Scaltinof SleepAramaki Scaltinof Sleep
PV:51 IP:37 RP:9 RR:24%
PV:34 IP:30 RP:4 RR:13%
Akemi Homura Fishing (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)Akemi Homura Fishing (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)
PV:35 IP:26 RP:5 RR:19%
Moonlight partyMoonlight party
PV:49 IP:43 RP:3 RR:7%
16This person says whatThis person says what
PV:33 IP:28 RP:4 RR:14%
Text AirDanceText AirDance
PV:34 IP:30 RP:3 RR:10%
Stuffed-animal suitStuffed-animal suit
PV:49 IP:40 RP:6 RR:15%
17( ・∀・) Two-faced (゜∀゜ )( ・∀・) Two-faced (゜∀゜ )
PV:33 IP:28 RP:4 RR:14%
Moonlight partyMoonlight party
PV:34 IP:29 RP:3 RR:10%
PV:49 IP:39 RP:6 RR:15%
PV:33 IP:27 RP:4 RR:15%
Syoboon muscleSyoboon muscle
PV:34 IP:7 RP:3 RR:43%
Michael Jackson and PianoMichael Jackson and Piano
PV:49 IP:38 RP:6 RR:16%
19Hattoushin "This person says what"Hattoushin "This person says what"
PV:33 IP:26 RP:5 RR:19%
PV:33 IP:25 RP:4 RR:16%
Tomoe Mami Mou-Dounidemonare (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)Tomoe Mami Mou-Dounidemonare (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)
PV:45 IP:39 RP:6 RR:15%
20Everybody DRAGON BALLEverybody DRAGON BALL
PV:33 IP:25 RP:6 RR:24%
Stuffed-eggplant suitStuffed-eggplant  suit
PV:32 IP:27 RP:4 RR:15%
Stuffed-flower suitStuffed-flower suit
PV:45 IP:37 RP:6 RR:16%
21Tiger & Bunny Bionic manTiger & Bunny Bionic man
PV:32 IP:28 RP:3 RR:11%
Fluffy IyouFluffy Iyou
PV:30 IP:28 RP:2 RR:7%
Aramaki ScaltinofAramaki Scaltinof
PV:44 IP:32 RP:7 RR:22%
22The saviour of steel : to chaotic BBS.The saviour of steel : to chaotic BBS.
PV:32 IP:13 RP:4 RR:31%
Giko TextGiko Text
PV:30 IP:24 RP:4 RR:17%
Everybody CutEverybody Cut
PV:43 IP:30 RP:6 RR:20%
23Everybody this person says whatEverybody this person says what
PV:28 IP:25 RP:3 RR:12%
Flying Sky High (Tiger & Bunny)Flying Sky High (Tiger & Bunny)
PV:30 IP:24 RP:4 RR:17%
Moonlight partyMoonlight party
PV:42 IP:32 RP:5 RR:16%
24Suzumiya Haruhi (The-Melancholy-of-Haruhi-Suzumiya)Suzumiya Haruhi (The-Melancholy-of-Haruhi-Suzumiya)
PV:27 IP:3 RP:2 RR:67%
Relax (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)Relax (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)
PV:30 IP:19 RP:5 RR:26%
Moonlight partyMoonlight party
PV:41 IP:35 RP:4 RR:11%
25Vega FestivalVega Festival
PV:25 IP:23 RP:2 RR:9%
PV:29 IP:26 RP:3 RR:12%
Moonlight partyMoonlight party
PV:41 IP:31 RP:5 RR:16%
26Shii AppareShii Appare
PV:25 IP:20 RP:4 RR:20%
Moonlight partyMoonlight party
PV:29 IP:24 RP:4 RR:17%
Moonlight partyMoonlight party
PV:41 IP:31 RP:5 RR:16%
27Rock Bison Wagon (Tiger & Bunny)Rock Bison Wagon (Tiger & Bunny)
PV:25 IP:20 RP:4 RR:20%
PV:28 IP:27 RP:1 RR:4%
Now Moon watchingNow Moon watching
PV:41 IP:29 RP:5 RR:17%
28Fluffy NidaFluffy Nida
PV:25 IP:20 RP:4 RR:20%
Giko TextGiko Text
PV:27 IP:25 RP:2 RR:8%
Annual eventAnnual event
PV:40 IP:32 RP:6 RR:19%
29Turn up Sky High (Tiger & Bunny)Turn up Sky High (Tiger & Bunny)
PV:25 IP:17 RP:5 RR:29%
PV:26 IP:17 RP:4 RR:24%
PV:40 IP:30 RP:5 RR:17%
PV:25 IP:8 RP:2 RR:25%
Moonlight partyMoonlight party
PV:25 IP:24 RP:1 RR:4%
Sack outSack out
PV:38 IP:27 RP:5 RR:19%
31Syoboon TeaSyoboon Tea
PV:24 IP:21 RP:3 RR:14%
MosaMosa cheerleadingMosaMosa cheerleading
PV:24 IP:22 RP:2 RR:9%
MosaMosa Moonlight partyMosaMosa Moonlight party
PV:36 IP:33 RP:3 RR:9%
32MagicTape PurseMagicTape Purse
PV:24 IP:20 RP:3 RR:15%
Moonlight partyMoonlight party
PV:23 IP:22 RP:1 RR:5%
Moonlight partyMoonlight party
PV:33 IP:26 RP:5 RR:19%
33Giko GuitarGiko Guitar
PV:22 IP:14 RP:6 RR:43%
PV:23 IP:22 RP:1 RR:5%
Moonlight party presentimentMoonlight party presentiment
PV:32 IP:23 RP:5 RR:22%
34Bride and GroomBride and Groom
PV:21 IP:19 RP:2 RR:11%
Hattoushin RiceCakeHattoushin RiceCake
PV:23 IP:17 RP:3 RR:18%
Cardboard box in the shii (big)Cardboard box in the shii (big)
PV:29 IP:21 RP:5 RR:24%
35May your soul rest in peace PCMay your soul rest in peace PC
PV:20 IP:16 RP:3 RR:19%
Suzumiya Haruhi (The-Melancholy-of-Haruhi-Suzumiya)Suzumiya Haruhi (The-Melancholy-of-Haruhi-Suzumiya)
PV:23 IP:4 RP:2 RR:50%
Broken windowsBroken windows
PV:28 IP:23 RP:3 RR:13%
PV:20 IP:16 RP:4 RR:25%
PV:22 IP:20 RP:2 RR:10%
Moonlight partyMoonlight party
PV:28 IP:23 RP:3 RR:13%
37Aramaki Scaltinof EndAramaki Scaltinof End
PV:20 IP:15 RP:4 RR:27%
Rock Bison Wagon (Tiger & Bunny)Rock Bison Wagon (Tiger & Bunny)
PV:21 IP:10 RP:3 RR:30%
Megassa!! TextMegassa!! Text
PV:26 IP:22 RP:3 RR:14%
PV:20 IP:14 RP:4 RR:29%
PV:21 IP:2 RP:1 RR:50%
Kangaroo and GorillaKangaroo and Gorilla
PV:26 IP:18 RP:5 RR:28%
39Birthday Congratulations FlowerBirthday Congratulations Flower
PV:19 IP:18 RP:1 RR:6%
Moonlight partyMoonlight party
PV:20 IP:17 RP:3 RR:18%
Suzumiya Haruhi (The-Melancholy-of-Haruhi-Suzumiya)Suzumiya Haruhi (The-Melancholy-of-Haruhi-Suzumiya)
PV:22 IP:4 RP:2 RR:50%
40( ,_ノ` )( ,_ノ` )
PV:19 IP:15 RP:1 RR:7%
Insecticidal sprayInsecticidal spray
PV:20 IP:12 RP:5 RR:42%
PV:22 IP:4 RP:2 RR:50%
41Cardboard box in the shiiCardboard box in the shii
PV:19 IP:15 RP:2 RR:13%
Horse and Deer Stuffed-animal suitHorse and Deer Stuffed-animal suit
PV:20 IP:11 RP:2 RR:18%
Aramaki Scaltinof EndAramaki Scaltinof End
PV:21 IP:18 RP:3 RR:17%
42Vega FestivalVega Festival
PV:18 IP:16 RP:2 RR:13%
Same level KangarooSame level Kangaroo
PV:19 IP:17 RP:2 RR:12%
Insecticidal sprayInsecticidal spray
PV:21 IP:14 RP:4 RR:29%
PV:18 IP:14 RP:3 RR:21%
Same levelSame level
PV:18 IP:16 RP:2 RR:13%
PV:19 IP:4 RP:2 RR:50%
44Rock Bison Absurd (Tiger & Bunny)Rock Bison Absurd (Tiger & Bunny)
PV:18 IP:11 RP:3 RR:27%
Lactic WayLactic Way
PV:17 IP:16 RP:1 RR:6%
PV:16 IP:15 RP:1 RR:7%
45Cat (large)Cat (large)
PV:18 IP:9 RP:5 RR:56%
Vega FestivalVega Festival
PV:17 IP:16 RP:1 RR:6%
Moonlight partyMoonlight party
PV:16 IP:13 RP:1 RR:8%
46Kyubey Kitaaa (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)Kyubey Kitaaa (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)
PV:17 IP:15 RP:2 RR:13%
Moonwalk FriedriceMoonwalk Friedrice
PV:16 IP:15 RP:1 RR:7%
Same levelSame level
PV:15 IP:14 RP:1 RR:7%
47Nida AngerNida Anger
PV:17 IP:15 RP:1 RR:7%
Strip of paperStrip of paper
PV:16 IP:14 RP:2 RR:14%
Same level KangarooSame level Kangaroo
PV:15 IP:14 RP:1 RR:7%
48Stuffed-cell-phone suitStuffed-cell-phone suit
PV:17 IP:15 RP:2 RR:13%
This person says whatThis person says what
PV:16 IP:10 RP:3 RR:30%
PV:15 IP:9 RP:4 RR:44%
49Cry catCry cat
PV:17 IP:11 RP:2 RR:18%
Stuffed-cell-phone suitStuffed-cell-phone suit
PV:16 IP:9 RP:7 RR:78%
Fluffy NidaFluffy Nida
PV:14 IP:12 RP:2 RR:17%
50Shimamurakun Message boardShimamurakun Message board
PV:17 IP:11 RP:4 RR:36%
The saviour of steel : to chaotic BBS.The saviour of steel : to chaotic BBS.
PV:16 IP:7 RP:3 RR:43%
Pedobear CommentatePedobear Commentate
PV:14 IP:11 RP:3 RR:27%

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