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quarter in 20111Q, 20112Q, 20113Q, 20114Q, 2011
quarter in 20121Q, 20122Q, 20123Q, 20124Q, 2012
quarter in 20131Q, 20132Q, 20133Q, 20134Q, 2013
quarter in 20141Q, 20142Q, 20143Q, 20144Q, 2014
quarter in 20151Q, 20152Q, 20153Q, 20154Q, 2015
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JA :AAAA|Around 140|Story|2ch|Anime|ASCIIart|Chaos|Yaruo|Pedobear
EN :AAAA|Around 140|Story|2ch|Anime|ASCIIart|Chaos|Yaruo|Pedobear
NoJanuary, 2012February, 2012March, 2012
1Maro SympathyMaro Sympathy
PV:89 IP:50 RP:12 RR:24%
Hatsune MikuHatsune Miku
PV:76 IP:57 RP:12 RR:21%
Megassa FishingMegassa Fishing
PV:71 IP:59 RP:10 RR:17%
2Kotetsu & Barnaby Hero (Tiger & Bunny)Kotetsu & Barnaby Hero (Tiger & Bunny)
PV:78 IP:46 RP:10 RR:22%
Chocolate Syoboon (Valentine Day)Chocolate Syoboon (Valentine Day)
PV:65 IP:48 RP:11 RR:23%
Kyubey It's no (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)Kyubey It's no (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)
PV:61 IP:53 RP:6 RR:11%
3Tiger & Bunny DeliberationTiger & Bunny Deliberation
PV:71 IP:42 RP:16 RR:38%
Moonwalk ShimamurakunMoonwalk Shimamurakun
PV:61 IP:17 RP:8 RR:47%
Daddy coolDaddy cool
PV:60 IP:44 RP:10 RR:23%
PV:60 IP:45 RP:7 RR:16%
Megassa TextMegassa Text
PV:55 IP:39 RP:8 RR:21%
PV:54 IP:46 RP:6 RR:13%
5Kotetsu T. Kaburagi GoodJob (Tiger & Bunny)Kotetsu T. Kaburagi GoodJob (Tiger & Bunny)
PV:58 IP:46 RP:9 RR:20%
Kotetsu T. Kaburagi Town Destroy (Tiger & Bunny)Kotetsu T. Kaburagi Town Destroy (Tiger & Bunny)
PV:54 IP:42 RP:8 RR:19%
Happy BirthdayHappy Birthday
PV:52 IP:44 RP:7 RR:16%
6Barnaby Uwaaaa (Tiger & Bunny)Barnaby Uwaaaa (Tiger & Bunny)
PV:57 IP:39 RP:9 RR:23%
Everybody (Baby Please Kill Me!)Everybody (Baby Please Kill Me!)
PV:52 IP:44 RP:7 RR:16%
Megassa GaMegassa Ga
PV:52 IP:43 RP:6 RR:14%
7Rabbit PoPoPo-PornRabbit PoPoPo-Porn
PV:55 IP:45 RP:8 RR:18%
Kitchen Knife MegassaKitchen Knife Megassa
PV:52 IP:43 RP:9 RR:21%
Moonwalk ShimamurakunMoonwalk Shimamurakun
PV:52 IP:20 RP:8 RR:40%
8PoPoPo-Porn Castle in the Sky (Buzzwords)PoPoPo-Porn Castle in the Sky (Buzzwords)
PV:54 IP:39 RP:11 RR:28%
Dance (Syoboon)Dance (Syoboon)
PV:51 IP:42 RP:6 RR:14%
It's no KickIt's no Kick
PV:50 IP:41 RP:8 RR:20%
9Shimamurakun and PoPoPo-PornShimamurakun and PoPoPo-Porn
PV:53 IP:44 RP:8 RR:18%
Brothers HinamatsuriBrothers Hinamatsuri
PV:51 IP:41 RP:6 RR:15%
Sky High Friedrice (Tiger & Bunny)Sky High Friedrice (Tiger & Bunny)
PV:49 IP:39 RP:7 RR:18%
PV:53 IP:37 RP:10 RR:27%
PV:51 IP:40 RP:7 RR:18%
Reiner Rubin MegassaReiner Rubin Megassa
PV:47 IP:40 RP:5 RR:13%
11Tadachini TrolleyTadachini Trolley
PV:52 IP:38 RP:8 RR:21%
PV:50 IP:42 RP:8 RR:19%
MosaMosa FishingMosaMosa Fishing
PV:47 IP:39 RP:4 RR:10%
12Zero FriedZero Fried
PV:51 IP:39 RP:7 RR:18%
The Idolmaster DeliberationThe Idolmaster Deliberation
PV:50 IP:40 RP:5 RR:13%
Headfish PoPoPo-PornHeadfish PoPoPo-Porn
PV:47 IP:32 RP:10 RR:31%
13Maro JoyMaro Joy
PV:50 IP:40 RP:8 RR:20%
The Idolmaster NanameThe Idolmaster Naname
PV:50 IP:40 RP:8 RR:20%
PoPoPo-Porn PC (Buzzwords)PoPoPo-Porn PC (Buzzwords)
PV:46 IP:39 RP:6 RR:15%
14Megassa Saber (Fate/stay night)Megassa Saber (Fate/stay night)
PV:49 IP:42 RP:6 RR:14%
Horse KitaaaHorse Kitaaa
PV:49 IP:42 RP:6 RR:14%
Hiiragi Kagami Iihanashidana (RakiSta)Hiiragi Kagami Iihanashidana (RakiSta)
PV:46 IP:37 RP:7 RR:19%
15Love chunyuLove chunyu
PV:49 IP:36 RP:10 RR:28%
Fusagiko Valentine DayFusagiko Valentine Day
PV:48 IP:38 RP:6 RR:16%
Fluffy NidaFluffy Nida
PV:45 IP:39 RP:6 RR:15%
PV:48 IP:35 RP:6 RR:17%
Kitaaa TextKitaaa Text
PV:47 IP:41 RP:6 RR:15%
Hattoushin ThrowHattoushin Throw
PV:44 IP:38 RP:6 RR:16%
PV:47 IP:35 RP:7 RR:20%
Syoboon MoonwalkSyoboon Moonwalk
PV:47 IP:41 RP:6 RR:15%
PV:44 IP:32 RP:6 RR:19%
18Araragi Karen & Tsukihi Relax (Nisemonogatari)Araragi Karen & Tsukihi Relax (Nisemonogatari)
PV:47 IP:32 RP:7 RR:22%
PV:47 IP:40 RP:7 RR:18%
PV:42 IP:37 RP:3 RR:8%
19A Happy New YearA Happy New Year
PV:45 IP:38 RP:4 RR:11%
Megassa TextMegassa Text
PV:47 IP:39 RP:8 RR:21%
Hiziri Byakuren (Touhou)Hiziri Byakuren (Touhou)
PV:42 IP:36 RP:5 RR:14%
20Megassa OtuMegassa Otu
PV:45 IP:36 RP:7 RR:19%
PV:47 IP:37 RP:10 RR:27%
PV:42 IP:33 RP:7 RR:21%
PV:45 IP:35 RP:6 RR:17%
Trick on one's eyes Donkey KongTrick on one's eyes Donkey Kong
PV:47 IP:36 RP:7 RR:19%
Daddy cool EndDaddy cool End
PV:41 IP:37 RP:3 RR:8%
22Blast OutBlast Out
PV:45 IP:31 RP:9 RR:29%
Lam MegassaLam Megassa
PV:46 IP:36 RP:8 RR:22%
Motorcycle RunningMotorcycle Running
PV:41 IP:35 RP:5 RR:14%
23Megassa TextMegassa Text
PV:44 IP:38 RP:5 RR:13%
Kitaaa TextKitaaa Text
PV:45 IP:37 RP:7 RR:19%
Everybody ChairEverybody Chair
PV:41 IP:34 RP:5 RR:15%
PV:43 IP:36 RP:6 RR:17%
PV:45 IP:33 RP:8 RR:24%
Trap OnigiriTrap Onigiri
PV:41 IP:34 RP:7 RR:21%
25PoPoPo-Porn (Buzzwords)PoPoPo-Porn (Buzzwords)
PV:42 IP:32 RP:7 RR:22%
Kitaaa TextKitaaa Text
PV:44 IP:37 RP:7 RR:19%
gag (GUNDAM)gag (GUNDAM)
PV:40 IP:35 RP:4 RR:11%
26YES! ModeYES! Mode
PV:42 IP:29 RP:10 RR:34%
Hanawa Kaoru (Tamayura)Hanawa Kaoru (Tamayura)
PV:44 IP:30 RP:11 RR:37%
PV:40 IP:33 RP:6 RR:18%
27Motorcycle AhyaMotorcycle Ahya
PV:41 IP:34 RP:6 RR:18%
PV:43 IP:39 RP:4 RR:10%
Marriage ceremonyMarriage ceremony
PV:40 IP:33 RP:5 RR:15%
28Kodamadeshouka (Buzzwords)Kodamadeshouka (Buzzwords)
PV:41 IP:33 RP:5 RR:15%
Hiziri Byakuren Otu (Touhou)Hiziri Byakuren Otu (Touhou)
PV:43 IP:34 RP:7 RR:21%
Mona & Shii HinamatsuriMona & Shii Hinamatsuri
PV:38 IP:35 RP:3 RR:9%
29PoPoPo-Porn RabbitPoPoPo-Porn Rabbit
PV:41 IP:33 RP:7 RR:21%
Bird VomitBird Vomit
PV:43 IP:33 RP:8 RR:24%
( ゚∀゚)o彡° Breast! Breast!( ゚∀゚)o彡° Breast! Breast!
PV:38 IP:34 RP:4 RR:12%
PV:41 IP:31 RP:7 RR:23%
Kitaaa TextKitaaa Text
PV:42 IP:37 RP:5 RR:14%
Graduation ceremonyGraduation ceremony
PV:38 IP:34 RP:4 RR:12%
31Injection CowInjection Cow
PV:40 IP:33 RP:6 RR:18%
Kitaaa TextKitaaa Text
PV:42 IP:36 RP:6 RR:17%
Kitaaa DialogKitaaa Dialog
PV:37 IP:33 RP:4 RR:12%
PV:40 IP:32 RP:6 RR:19%
Megassa TextMegassa Text
PV:42 IP:35 RP:7 RR:20%
Dozy (It's no)Dozy (It's no)
PV:37 IP:33 RP:4 RR:12%
33Megassa TextMegassa Text
PV:40 IP:31 RP:6 RR:19%
Moonwalk It's noMoonwalk It's no
PV:41 IP:37 RP:3 RR:8%
PV:37 IP:32 RP:5 RR:16%
34RiceCake MichaelRiceCake Michael
PV:39 IP:29 RP:8 RR:28%
Kitaaa TextKitaaa Text
PV:41 IP:35 RP:4 RR:11%
Motorcycle and PigMotorcycle and Pig
PV:36 IP:30 RP:5 RR:17%
35Valentine DayValentine Day
PV:38 IP:32 RP:5 RR:16%
PC SnipePC Snipe
PV:41 IP:32 RP:5 RR:16%
Megassa NurupoMegassa Nurupo
PV:35 IP:33 RP:2 RR:6%
PV:38 IP:31 RP:7 RR:23%
Kitaaa TextKitaaa Text
PV:40 IP:37 RP:3 RR:8%
Graduation ceremonyGraduation ceremony
PV:35 IP:32 RP:2 RR:6%
PV:38 IP:30 RP:7 RR:23%
PV:40 IP:35 RP:5 RR:14%
PV:35 IP:31 RP:3 RR:10%
38Kodamadeshouka (Buzzwords)Kodamadeshouka (Buzzwords)
PV:38 IP:28 RP:7 RR:25%
Graduation ceremonyGraduation ceremony
PV:40 IP:35 RP:5 RR:14%
Fried & DokuotokoFried & Dokuotoko
PV:35 IP:31 RP:4 RR:13%
39TehePero (Buzzwords)TehePero (Buzzwords)
PV:37 IP:31 RP:5 RR:16%
PV:39 IP:34 RP:4 RR:12%
Kitaaa TextKitaaa Text
PV:35 IP:30 RP:4 RR:13%
PV:37 IP:31 RP:4 RR:13%
PV:39 IP:32 RP:5 RR:16%
Graduation ceremonyGraduation ceremony
PV:34 IP:31 RP:3 RR:10%
41PoPoPo-Porn (Buzzwords)PoPoPo-Porn (Buzzwords)
PV:37 IP:31 RP:5 RR:16%
PV:38 IP:34 RP:3 RR:9%
Graduation ceremonyGraduation ceremony
PV:34 IP:30 RP:3 RR:10%
PV:37 IP:30 RP:6 RR:20%
Megassa TextMegassa Text
PV:38 IP:33 RP:4 RR:12%
lit. Squid Girl Kitaaa (Ika Musume)lit. Squid Girl Kitaaa (Ika Musume)
PV:34 IP:28 RP:6 RR:21%
PV:36 IP:32 RP:3 RR:9%
Everybody noise "Cannot escape any longer"Everybody noise "Cannot escape any longer"
PV:38 IP:30 RP:6 RR:20%
Troll Template (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)Troll Template (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)
PV:33 IP:30 RP:3 RR:10%
PV:36 IP:29 RP:5 RR:17%
Jumping DogezaJumping Dogeza
PV:37 IP:34 RP:3 RR:9%
Everybody TeaEverybody Tea
PV:33 IP:30 RP:2 RR:7%
45Same level KangarooSame level Kangaroo
PV:35 IP:29 RP:4 RR:14%
Megassa Yuno (Future Diary)Megassa Yuno (Future Diary)
PV:37 IP:34 RP:3 RR:9%
PV:32 IP:29 RP:3 RR:10%
46Not KitaaaNot Kitaaa
PV:35 IP:28 RP:5 RR:18%
Dolphin Girl KitaaaDolphin Girl Kitaaa
PV:37 IP:32 RP:4 RR:13%
Scuzzbucket PCScuzzbucket PC
PV:32 IP:26 RP:4 RR:15%
47Everybody Building DestroyEverybody Building Destroy
PV:35 IP:23 RP:4 RR:17%
Everybody PCEverybody PC
PV:37 IP:31 RP:5 RR:16%
PV:31 IP:29 RP:2 RR:7%
48Happy BirthdayHappy Birthday
PV:35 IP:23 RP:7 RR:30%
Graduation ceremony SongGraduation ceremony Song
PV:37 IP:31 RP:5 RR:16%
Chopsticks Aramaki ScaltinofChopsticks Aramaki Scaltinof
PV:31 IP:27 RP:3 RR:11%
PV:34 IP:29 RP:5 RR:17%
Valentine Day Chocolate TrolleyValentine Day Chocolate Trolley
PV:37 IP:30 RP:5 RR:17%
Everybody endEverybody end
PV:31 IP:27 RP:4 RR:15%
50Everybody TextEverybody Text
PV:34 IP:28 RP:4 RR:14%
Edano OrigamiEdano Origami
PV:36 IP:33 RP:4 RR:12%
Hatsune Miku KitaaaHatsune Miku Kitaaa
PV:31 IP:24 RP:5 RR:21%

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