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quarter in 20111Q, 20112Q, 20113Q, 20114Q, 2011
quarter in 20121Q, 20122Q, 20123Q, 20124Q, 2012
quarter in 20131Q, 20132Q, 20133Q, 20134Q, 2013
quarter in 20141Q, 20142Q, 20143Q, 20144Q, 2014
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quarter in 20161Q, 20162Q, 20163Q, 20164Q, 2016
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quarter in 20181Q, 20182Q, 20183Q, 2018
JA :AAAA|Around 140|Story|2ch|Anime|ASCIIart|Chaos|Yaruo|Pedobear
EN :AAAA|Around 140|Story|2ch|Anime|ASCIIart|Chaos|Yaruo|Pedobear
NoApril, 2012May, 2012June, 2012
1Message board TontonMessage board Tonton
PV:65 IP:30 RP:19 RR:63%
Cardboard box Giko Message boardCardboard box Giko Message board
PV:257 IP:53 RP:29 RR:55%
Cardboard box Giko Message boardCardboard box Giko Message board
PV:615 IP:121 RP:84 RR:69%
2Daddy cool Message boardDaddy cool Message board
PV:63 IP:44 RP:12 RR:27%
Tea (The Idolmaster)Tea (The Idolmaster)
PV:80 IP:56 RP:15 RR:27%
PV:61 IP:27 RP:7 RR:26%
3Enrich the soil with manureEnrich the soil with manure
PV:55 IP:39 RP:10 RR:26%
Armet & Carp streamer & RiceCake (Children's Day)Armet & Carp streamer & RiceCake (Children's Day)
PV:65 IP:33 RP:9 RR:27%
Amami Haruka TV (The Idolmaster)Amami Haruka TV (The Idolmaster)
PV:60 IP:42 RP:8 RR:19%
4Glance into sauceGlance into sauce
PV:54 IP:42 RP:7 RR:17%
Syakin FlagSyakin Flag
PV:64 IP:42 RP:13 RR:31%
Moonwalk ShimamurakunMoonwalk Shimamurakun
PV:60 IP:23 RP:13 RR:57%
PV:50 IP:39 RP:7 RR:18%
It was soIt was so
PV:62 IP:34 RP:11 RR:32%
Hatsune Miku KitaaaHatsune Miku Kitaaa
PV:58 IP:37 RP:12 RR:32%
6Giko (Cherry blossom viewing party)Giko (Cherry blossom viewing party)
PV:49 IP:39 RP:6 RR:15%
PV:61 IP:40 RP:7 RR:18%
PV:57 IP:41 RP:9 RR:22%
7Kuroyukihime Otu (Accel World)Kuroyukihime Otu (Accel World)
PV:49 IP:36 RP:8 RR:22%
Get a grip SaiGet a grip Sai
PV:61 IP:34 RP:9 RR:26%
Asuka Ken Kitaaa (Karate Fool Ichidai)Asuka Ken Kitaaa (Karate Fool Ichidai)
PV:56 IP:32 RP:8 RR:25%
8Sakura Kyoko and Miki Sayaka (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)Sakura Kyoko and Miki Sayaka (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)
PV:48 IP:39 RP:8 RR:21%
GUNDAM personify AA CollectionsGUNDAM personify AA Collections
PV:60 IP:43 RP:7 RR:16%
PV:56 IP:22 RP:6 RR:27%
9Hatsune Miku KitaaaHatsune Miku Kitaaa
PV:48 IP:35 RP:7 RR:20%
Tetris SympathyTetris Sympathy
PV:60 IP:40 RP:10 RR:25%
May your soul rest in peace Point atMay your soul rest in peace Point at
PV:52 IP:36 RP:7 RR:19%
10Daddy coolDaddy cool
PV:48 IP:35 RP:8 RR:23%
Kitaaa━(*゚∀゚)━(,*゚∀)━(  *゚)━(   )━(゚*  )━(∀゚*,)━(*゚∀゚)━n!!!Kitaaa━(*゚∀゚)━(,*゚∀)━(  *゚)━(   )━(゚*  )━(∀゚*,)━(*゚∀゚)━n!!!
PV:57 IP:40 RP:10 RR:25%
PV:52 IP:36 RP:7 RR:19%
11Kitaaa (Drove)Kitaaa (Drove)
PV:47 IP:40 RP:4 RR:10%
Grilled chickenGrilled chicken
PV:57 IP:39 RP:9 RR:23%
Get a grip TrolleyGet a grip Trolley
PV:51 IP:37 RP:8 RR:22%
12Dash PunchDash Punch
PV:47 IP:37 RP:9 RR:24%
Rice Bowl DishesRice Bowl Dishes
PV:57 IP:33 RP:8 RR:24%
Grilled chicken Food stall (Shimamurakun)Grilled chicken Food stall (Shimamurakun)
PV:50 IP:33 RP:9 RR:27%
PV:46 IP:37 RP:7 RR:19%
PV:56 IP:37 RP:9 RR:24%
Marriage ceremonyMarriage ceremony
PV:50 IP:30 RP:9 RR:30%
PV:46 IP:31 RP:7 RR:23%
Largan Dreiss Absurd (Mobile Suit Gundam AGE)Largan Dreiss Absurd (Mobile Suit Gundam AGE)
PV:56 IP:34 RP:11 RR:32%
PV:50 IP:27 RP:9 RR:33%
PV:45 IP:34 RP:8 RR:24%
Daddy coolDaddy cool
PV:55 IP:40 RP:9 RR:23%
Same levelSame level
PV:49 IP:36 RP:7 RR:19%
16Siberia & Hokyoku6gou (Cherry blossom viewing party)Siberia & Hokyoku6gou (Cherry blossom viewing party)
PV:45 IP:32 RP:7 RR:22%
Bird GoodJobBird GoodJob
PV:55 IP:36 RP:11 RR:31%
PV:49 IP:31 RP:8 RR:26%
17Carp streamer Armet (Children's Day)Carp streamer Armet (Children's Day)
PV:44 IP:30 RP:6 RR:20%
Maro cryMaro cry
PV:53 IP:38 RP:10 RR:26%
Maro GendouMaro Gendou
PV:48 IP:35 RP:5 RR:14%
PV:42 IP:33 RP:7 RR:21%
Giko and Mona and Carp streamer (Children's Day)Giko and Mona and Carp streamer (Children's Day)
PV:53 IP:36 RP:10 RR:28%
Amida drawingAmida drawing
PV:48 IP:34 RP:7 RR:21%
19Zonu RobotZonu Robot
PV:42 IP:33 RP:5 RR:15%
PV:53 IP:34 RP:11 RR:32%
PV:48 IP:29 RP:8 RR:28%
20Cherry blossom viewing partyCherry blossom viewing party
PV:42 IP:32 RP:7 RR:22%
PV:52 IP:28 RP:13 RR:46%
Mamono Alcoholic beverageMamono Alcoholic beverage
PV:48 IP:25 RP:9 RR:36%
PV:42 IP:32 RP:6 RR:19%
Yatsuha SaijyakuYatsuha Saijyaku
PV:51 IP:35 RP:8 RR:23%
PV:47 IP:34 RP:7 RR:21%
22Happy BirthdayHappy Birthday
PV:42 IP:30 RP:8 RR:27%
Children's Day BearChildren's Day Bear
PV:51 IP:33 RP:8 RR:24%
Hasegawa Kodaka Feed (Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai)Hasegawa Kodaka Feed (Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai)
PV:47 IP:30 RP:7 RR:23%
23Get a gripGet a grip
PV:41 IP:36 RP:3 RR:8%
It's no CompressionIt's no Compression
PV:51 IP:33 RP:9 RR:27%
PV:47 IP:30 RP:8 RR:27%
24Cherry blossomCherry blossom
PV:41 IP:34 RP:6 RR:18%
Hatsune Miku KitaaaHatsune Miku Kitaaa
PV:51 IP:29 RP:8 RR:28%
Tea GunTea Gun
PV:46 IP:32 RP:7 RR:22%
PV:41 IP:32 RP:7 RR:22%
Megassa TextMegassa Text
PV:50 IP:38 RP:7 RR:18%
Snail vs Mushroom (Same level)Snail vs Mushroom (Same level)
PV:46 IP:31 RP:8 RR:26%
26What (Megassa)What (Megassa)
PV:41 IP:32 RP:7 RR:22%
Sympathy TetrisSympathy Tetris
PV:50 IP:36 RP:8 RR:22%
Get a grip SaiGet a grip Sai
PV:46 IP:19 RP:11 RR:58%
27Cherry blossom viewing party (Deliberation)Cherry blossom viewing party (Deliberation)
PV:41 IP:30 RP:7 RR:23%
Borujyoa streamer (Children's Day)Borujyoa streamer (Children's Day)
PV:50 IP:35 RP:8 RR:23%
Muscle BirdMuscle Bird
PV:45 IP:31 RP:6 RR:19%
28Kotetsu T. Kaburagi Town Destroy (Tiger & Bunny)Kotetsu T. Kaburagi Town Destroy (Tiger & Bunny)
PV:40 IP:38 RP:2 RR:5%
Sympathy TetrisSympathy Tetris
PV:50 IP:35 RP:8 RR:23%
PV:44 IP:31 RP:5 RR:16%
29Carp streamer (Children's Day)Carp streamer (Children's Day)
PV:40 IP:31 RP:5 RR:16%
Blast OutBlast Out
PV:50 IP:33 RP:10 RR:30%
PV:44 IP:30 RP:6 RR:20%
30Sirangana BicycleSirangana Bicycle
PV:40 IP:29 RP:8 RR:28%
PV:50 IP:32 RP:10 RR:31%
Same levelSame level
PV:44 IP:28 RP:8 RR:29%
31Moonwalk ShimamurakunMoonwalk Shimamurakun
PV:40 IP:16 RP:8 RR:50%
Daddy coolDaddy cool
PV:49 IP:35 RP:7 RR:20%
PV:43 IP:31 RP:5 RR:16%
32Cherry blossom viewing party (Deliberation)Cherry blossom viewing party (Deliberation)
PV:39 IP:32 RP:5 RR:16%
Lang AngerLang Anger
PV:49 IP:35 RP:8 RR:23%
PV:43 IP:31 RP:7 RR:23%
33Moonwalk Giko GroupMoonwalk Giko Group
PV:39 IP:32 RP:5 RR:16%
PV:49 IP:33 RP:12 RR:36%
Cardboard boxCardboard box
PV:43 IP:27 RP:5 RR:19%
PV:39 IP:32 RP:5 RR:16%
Hattoushin ArrestHattoushin Arrest
PV:49 IP:32 RP:7 RR:22%
PV:43 IP:19 RP:10 RR:53%
PV:39 IP:27 RP:11 RR:41%
2ch End2ch End
PV:48 IP:34 RP:8 RR:24%
PV:42 IP:33 RP:3 RR:9%
36Shimamurakun and CatShimamurakun and Cat
PV:38 IP:32 RP:3 RR:9%
PV:48 IP:33 RP:7 RR:21%
Let's Go Fever Time!Let's Go Fever Time!
PV:42 IP:31 RP:7 RR:23%
37Absurd (Sakura Kyoko)Absurd (Sakura Kyoko)
PV:38 IP:31 RP:5 RR:16%
PV:48 IP:32 RP:9 RR:28%
DOALA (Chunichi Dragons)DOALA (Chunichi Dragons)
PV:42 IP:30 RP:5 RR:17%
38Children's DayChildren's Day
PV:38 IP:27 RP:8 RR:30%
PV:47 IP:34 RP:9 RR:26%
PV:41 IP:28 RP:7 RR:25%
PV:36 IP:30 RP:6 RR:20%
Carp streamer (Children's Day)Carp streamer (Children's Day)
PV:47 IP:32 RP:8 RR:25%
Get a gripGet a grip
PV:40 IP:28 RP:5 RR:18%
40CPU comparisonCPU comparison
PV:36 IP:29 RP:4 RR:14%
Rolly polly streamer (Children's Day)Rolly polly streamer (Children's Day)
PV:46 IP:31 RP:9 RR:29%
Convenience Store Father's DayConvenience Store Father's Day
PV:40 IP:27 RP:6 RR:22%
41Salute Big oneSalute Big one
PV:36 IP:29 RP:5 RR:17%
Troll TemplateTroll Template
PV:45 IP:34 RP:8 RR:24%
orz Grouporz Group
PV:40 IP:26 RP:6 RR:23%
PV:36 IP:29 RP:4 RR:14%
MosaMosa FlagMosaMosa Flag
PV:45 IP:33 RP:8 RR:24%
PV:40 IP:22 RP:8 RR:36%
43Asou KitaaaAsou Kitaaa
PV:36 IP:28 RP:5 RR:18%
Fosbury Flop UwaaaaFosbury Flop Uwaaaa
PV:45 IP:31 RP:8 RR:26%
2ch Hierarchy2ch Hierarchy
PV:39 IP:34 RP:4 RR:12%
PV:36 IP:28 RP:6 RR:21%
PV:45 IP:28 RP:10 RR:36%
Same levelSame level
PV:39 IP:28 RP:7 RR:25%
45Friedrice machineFriedrice machine
PV:35 IP:29 RP:4 RR:14%
PV:44 IP:31 RP:8 RR:26%
Same levelSame level
PV:39 IP:28 RP:6 RR:21%
46Shimamurakun ArrestShimamurakun Arrest
PV:35 IP:28 RP:5 RR:18%
Children's DayChildren's Day
PV:44 IP:27 RP:10 RR:37%
PV:38 IP:25 RP:6 RR:24%
47Sky High Friedrice (Tiger & Bunny)Sky High Friedrice (Tiger & Bunny)
PV:35 IP:25 RP:7 RR:28%
Maro shoutMaro shout
PV:44 IP:8 RP:6 RR:75%
PV:38 IP:25 RP:7 RR:28%
48Megassa and GunMegassa and Gun
PV:34 IP:29 RP:5 RR:17%
PV:43 IP:35 RP:4 RR:11%
PoPoPo-Porn (Buzzwords)PoPoPo-Porn (Buzzwords)
PV:37 IP:31 RP:5 RR:16%
PV:34 IP:29 RP:5 RR:17%
PV:43 IP:31 RP:6 RR:19%
Daddy coolDaddy cool
PV:37 IP:25 RP:5 RR:20%
50Cherry blossom viewing partyCherry blossom viewing party
PV:34 IP:27 RP:4 RR:15%
It's noIt's no
PV:43 IP:30 RP:7 RR:23%
Get a gripGet a grip
PV:37 IP:22 RP:6 RR:27%

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