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Giko & Shii (Lactic Way)
[AA]Giko & Shii (Lactic Way)
Vega Festival Mona
[AA]Vega Festival Mona
Giko & Mona
[AA]Giko & Mona
Sexagenary Cycle & Giko
[AA]Sexagenary Cycle & Giko
Shii & Giko SantaClaus (Christmas)
[AA]Shii & Giko SantaClaus (Christmas)
Birthday Cake
[AA]Birthday Cake
Christmas tree & Giko (Christmas)
[AA]Christmas tree & Giko (Christmas)
Armored Trooper Gikoms
[AA]Armored Trooper Gikoms
Giko Stuffed-Radish suit
[AA]Giko Stuffed-Radish suit
Giko tambourine man
[AA]Giko tambourine man
Fuun Drum (Musical Instrument)
[AA]Fuun Drum (Musical Instrument)
Giko & Shii Vega Festival
[AA]Giko & Shii Vega Festival
Baseball Giko
[AA]Baseball Giko
Cherry blossoms Giko (Spring)
[AA]Cherry blossoms Giko (Spring)
Cherry blossom viewing party
[AA]Cherry blossom viewing party
Hinamatsuri Syoboon
[AA]Hinamatsuri Syoboon
Giko Bazooka
[AA]Giko Bazooka
Giko Wake up
[AA]Giko Wake up

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